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Run Management

During the winter one of the biggest problems with chicken runs is MUD. It is difficult to keep clean and often causes a smelly, dirty mess

Here at Meadowview Chickens we use Poultry Run Grids & Poultry Woodchips both of which can be purchased in our shop. We have used this method in our poultry pens & boarding pens 

This method will help keep your run clean and mostly mud free, but nothing will stop your chickens from doing droppings, scratching around and making a few holes here and there! The woodchips will need little maintenance to help keep clean

Step 1. Level your ground so the run grids can sit flat. Once levelled add the run grids and clip together so they are secure. The grids can be cut if needed.  

Step 2. Add sharp sand to the grids, level with a brush

Step 3. Add 2-3 inches of poultry hardwood chips, note this is not bark, bark contains aspergillosis spores which are harmful to chickens

Step 4 Allow your chickens to enjoy their MUD FREE run. 

1. Regularly (this may be every couple of days or once a week depending on your run) remove the worst of the droppings, they are usually in a clump 2. Rake level and remove any soiled areas. 3. Add Agri Sec 250 ground sanitizer to your woodchips, this will sanitize and clean the area, giving a nice clean smell.  
If your run is covered, your wood chips will need to be jet washed as the rain won’t be able to wash them naturally. If your run isn’t covered the rain helps wash off the woodchips helping to keep them clean.  
The woodchips may need replacing from time to time if they are soiled. Some of our customers choose to replace the woodchips every few months.  
We stock the run grids, woodchip & ground sanitizer in our shop. We do not stock the sand but this can be found at any builder merchants or Wickes / B & Q !  To calculate how many grids and woodchips you need, please message us your run measurements (metres). We will message you through how many you need and a total price 

Poultry hardwood chips & Run grids are available to purchase in our shop 

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