Hen Holidays

Going Away? Moving House?

Meadowview Hen Boarding is a family friendly farm and we are renowned for your attentive care and outstanding boarding facilities. Our hen boarding service is open all year round. 

Your chickens will have their own coop and run during their stay, our coops can hold up to 10 chickens 

The holiday: 

  • After each stay coops are cleaned out, Jet Washed  thoroughly disinfected using DEFRA approved disinfectant, clean bedding is added and a spray of citronella or lavender to give that final touch. 

  • The run woodchip are cleaned and sanitised using a DEFRA approved disinfectant

  • We supply poultry layers pellets during the stay, water, oyster shell, mixed grit, bedding & of course afternoon treats !. If you prefer to use your own feed, your welcome to bring it along.

  • Hens are spot cleaned during their stay to ensure pens stay clean and dry

  • Drinking water is changed daily 

  • Our coops are sheltered from the rain and direct sunlight

  • Hens are locked away in their coop at night to keep them safe and let out each morning

  • Afternoon treats will be given daily (This is usually a variety, changing daily, Mixed Corn, Poultry Tonic Seed, Poultry Condtioner or Chicken Fruity Treat, all of which always seems very popular with our feathered guests!

  • Eggs can be collected for you to take home

  • Our boarding site has 24hr CCTV, is alarmed & locked at night

  • We accept cockerels no matter how noisy!

  • We also accept ducks

Prices are all inclusive - 

£1.50 per hen a night 

There is a minimum weekly charge of £35 per week

(Prices excludes Christmas / New Year) 

It is recommend to book early for breaks during school holidays !

Before making your booking , please bear in mind there are no collections

or Drop off on Sundays. 

Drop off times 

Monday - Friday (12pm - 4pm)

Saturday (9:30am- 1pm)

If you are unable to make the times above, please let us know when booking, another suitable time can be arranged with prior arrangment

Collections are by midday - If you cannot make this time, an extra day rate may be charged, as we will need to re accommodate your chickens into a clean coop, so we can get the pen ready for our next guests

To secure your booking a 25% non refundable deposit is required, outstanding amounts are due on drop off

If you would like more information on our boarding service or would like to book please message Charlotte - Meadowviewchickens@gmail.com or alternatively fill out the form below

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