Pure Breeds / Large Fowl

Please note this page does not show live stock quantity, if you are travelling far , we recommend emailing us to check stock. Due to high demand we have very few birds remaining. 

Our pure breed poultry season runs between April/May to October. During this time we have a great selection of pure breeds & Large fowls to choose from. Our selection includes a variety of, Brown, White & Blue egg laying chickens. The birds we have for sale are 'Point of Lay' this is the term that means the bird is approaching the age where she will be old enough to lay eggs. All of our pure breeds are all vaccinated ,wormed & mite treated before purchased.

Pure breeds will always breed true, the young will resemble the parents, they are usually for show rather than egg production. Pure breeds will therefore, not lay as may eggs as the hybrid hens. This may not be important to those who are just wanting a  few birds in the back garden for pets, but it is important to know this if you require egg production. Depending on the breed type most pure breeds will lay around 80-180 eggs a year 

Due to high demand we recommend contacting us before make a special journey to avoid disappointment. Some of our rare pure breeds are available to pre - order due to very small availability 



Rumpless Araucana lay a lovely Blue egg, they are one of the very few breeds that do so. They are energetic & friendly. They lay in the region of 180 eggs per year. Variety of colours available

£30 Each



Lakenvelders are a stunning domestic bird. They lay around 150 Tinted eggs per year. They are an active, quick & friendly bird.

£30 each



Campine are an attractive breed, they lay in the region of 150 White eggs per year. They are an active bird, usually available in gold or silver

£30 each

clb 2021.png

Cream Legbar

Cream legbars are best known for there blue/green eggs. They are an active, friendly bird. Laying in the region of 180 Blue/Green eggs per year

£30 each



Orpington are best known for being 'friendly giants' they are a very placid bird & friendly. They lay in the region of 190 Light Brown eggs per year. We usually stock 'Buff orpington'

£40 each

wyandotte 3.png

Laced Wyandotte

Laced Wyandotte are a stunning bird. They are one of our most popular selling breeds!. They lay in the region of 200 Tinted Brown eggs per year 

£40 each

vorwerk copyright.png


Vorwerk are a stunning gold bird with a black neck and tail feathers. They lay in the region of 170 Cream eggs per year. They are friendly and can be active

£25 each



Appenzeller are a smaller pure breed. We usually stock a variety of colours. They lay in the region of 150 Cream/Light Brown tinted eggs per year

£30 each

leghorn copyright.png


Leghorn are a smaller pure breed, laying in the region of 200 White eggs per year. They are alert, active & friendly. Often available in a few different colours

£30 each

maran 1.png


Marans are large bird laying in the region of 180 Dark Brown eggs per year. They are mainly black bird with a golden neck. We often have Copper Black Maran or French Wheaten Maran

£30 each

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Other Breeds

We often have other pure breeds available as well as the breeds on this page. Some of which include, 

Ayam Cemani £40 each

Pure Breed Cockerels £Variable

£ Variable