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Please call to check stock before travelling
We will have hybrid sexed female chicks from 25th March 
Ranger, White Star, Sussex, Speckledy, Blue and Blacktails

This is our only group of female chicks for the year


We stock sexed (Guaranteed Female) Hybrid Chicks, these are cross bred from pure breeds, when old enough to lay (approx. 18 - 23 weeks old) they should produce a high number yield of eggs per year, this is usually in the region of 280 - 340 eggs per year depending on the breed of chicken. The hybrid birds are breed to be good egg layers, and to be friendly & docile. 

We usually have: Blacktails, White Stars, Blues, Rhode Rock, Sussex & Speckledy 

Throughout the summer months we occasionally have pure breed bantam chicks for sale - These are sold as hatched and therefore not sexed. No refunds can be given for cockerels. If you wish to have guaranteed female we sell growers (approx. 10 weeks old) these will be female or we also stock point of lay birds.

Due to high demand we recommend contacting us before make a special journey to avoid disappointment.

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