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Our bantam poultry season runs between April/May to October. During this time we have a good selection of bantams to choose from. Our selection includes a variety of, Brown & White egg laying chickens. The birds we have for sale are 'Point of Lay' this is the term that means the bird is approaching the age where she will be old enough to lay eggs. All of our pure breeds are all vaccinated ,wormed & mite treated before purchased.

Bantams are a small variety of poultry, they are ideal for households with a smaller garden space. Our bantams are all pure breed. Bantams lay a small/medium sized egg and will lay in the region of 150 eggs per year.  

Due to high demand we recommend contacting us before make a special journey to avoid disappointment.  



Pekin are one of our most popular selling bantam. They are friendly, easy to handle & suitable to a smaller garden. They lay in the reigion of 180 Cream eggs per year. Available in a variety of colours !

£30 each



Silkies are a medium size bantam. They are friendly and usually easy to handle. They lay in the region of 150 Cream tinted eggs per year. Our silkies are available in a variety of different colours!

£30 each

spw bantam.png


Wyandotte are a stunning pure breed bantam. We usually stock either pencilled or laced Wyandotte. They lay in the region of 150 Light Brown tinted eggs. Available in a variety of colours!

£30 each



Poland also known as polish hens, are a small breed of bantam. They are easy to handle and usually like attention. It is recommended they are not mixed with other breeds, as they are prone to being bullied. They lay in the region of 150 Cream eggs per year. Available in a variety of colours

£30 each



We stock Salmon faverolle. They are extremely docile and friendly and are great characters. They lay in the region of 200 tinted eggs per year. 


£30 each

Meadowview Chickens PNG solding white ba

Other Breeds

We often have other bantams available including the ones above. Often the breeds are 


Cockerels £Variable