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Hen Housing

We stock this all in one chicken coop as pictured below, after many years of selling a large variety of different coops all shapes and sizes, this coop has proven to be our most popular, highly reviewed, affordable & most robust

We have a display model in our shop which can be viewed before if you wish to purchase 

lazy bones.jpg

All in one poultry coop

  • Holds 2 -3 medium birds without free range 

  • Holds 4 -6 medium birds if free ranging

  • Removable perch area

  • Removable nest box area

  • No overhanging nest box which are prone to leaking

  • Carry handles - easy to move around the garden if required

  • Fully open back - For easy cleaning

  • Ventilation holes 

  • Raised coop with run underneath

  • Undercover run 

  • Ideal for first time chicken keepers

  • Well built & affordable

  • Run extensions can be attached

  • Easy assemble 

  • Coop measures approx 4ft x 4ft


£199.00 Inc Vat  RRP £249 Inc Vat

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