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Drinkers & Feeders

We stock are large variety of poultry feeders & drinkers - both plastic & galvanised, indoor & outdoor

Economy Water & Feeder

Our best selling range of drinkers & feeders are our red economy, these are an affordable good quality product

Drinkers - We stock a variety of sizes - 1.5l, 3l, 5l (on legs), 6l, 12l - Starting at only £3.25

Feeders - Matching the red economy drinkers we stock - 1kg, 3kg, 6kg & 10kg - Starting at only £3.95

1kg feeder.jpg
water drinker.jpg

Plastic - With legs

Our most practical selling range of drinkers & feeders are on feet , these are an affordable good quality product. which are suitable to prevent dirt being scratched into their feeder or water drinker. The feet can easily be removed for cleaning

Drinkers - We stock a 5l drinker

Feeders - Matching the red drinker we stock a 4kg feeder

Colour can vary from picture shown of feeder below. 



Our favourite range of drinkers & feeders , Here at Meadowview Chickens, we use tripod water drinkers and feeders. They are super easy to use and clean. Both water and feeders can be taken apart to clean. They are perfect for those with slightly larger flocks approx 10 birds plus. They come in 3 sizes..

Drinkers - We stock 20l , 30l, 40l

Feeders - We stock 20kg, 30kg (holds a bag), 40kg

We have this range of drinkers on display !


Plastic Outdoor Feeders

If you prefer to feed your chickens outside rain and snow can be a problem!

We stock 2 sizes of plastic outdoor feeders

Feeders - We stock 2.5kg & 6kg

We have this range of drinkers on display !

6kg feeder.jpg
2.5 kg.jpg

Treadle Feeders

Occasionally during chicken keeping vermin can be a problem, whether this be birds or rat/mice, treadle feeders are specially designed to prevent vermin, The chicken must stand on the treadle for the feed trough to open. Once the chicken has stepped off the feeder will close. 

Feeders - We stock 8kg, 12kg, 20kg

We have this range of drinkers on display !


Outdoor Galvanised Feeder

Galvanised feeders are strong, robust and last a lot longer than plastic. We stock an 8kg Outdoor feeder. 

The feeder comes with a hood and anti waste ring included

The hood can be removed, and the feeder can be hung if you wish to use indoors.

We have this range of drinkers on display !

rain hat.jpg

Hot Chick Range 

Hot Chick range are our NEW range of drinkers and feeders, suitable for smaller flocks

Drinker sizes available 1L, 3L & 5L

Feeder sizes available 2kg & 4kg - Complete with hanging kit

Grit pot also available

UV stable & recyclable 

pink feeder.jpg
grit pop.jpg
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