Avian Bird Flu 2020

Avian Bird Flu usually happens during the winter months - Anytime from November / December. It is a serious issue and is usually highly pathogenic. However, we can take preventative steps. 

From December 14th 2020 DEFRA will make it a legal requirement that all birds are housed in their coop and not allow them to free range, the DEFRA website is regularly updated, as the measures are under regular review as part of the government’s work to protect flocks. As it stands birds must be kept indoors, their run must be covered, allowing no access to wild birds or wild bird droppings. It is also important to disinfect your footwear before entering your housing/run area, as this bird flu can be transported this way too. A simple foot dip can be made using a large tub, simply add Virkon S and water, this mix lasts for 7 days, unless soiled which is then recommended to be changed.  

It is worth registering your flock even if you have 2 or 3 chickens ! This way you will be contacted if there is an avian bird flu outbreak in your area. If you have 50 or more chickens you are required by law to register

To register your flock visit 

For further updates and advice on the avian bird flu measures-

We are stocking a range of disinfectants including Virkon S & Agrisec both defra approved

These new measures for poultry can be stressful and cause borderm. Is important to keep you chickens with feed and borderm busters at all times to prevent feather pecking, we have a range of supplies to help